BE:fit 2016

Hi guys, I am sorry I have been so quiet for so long, but I promise I am now back and will be way more active on here!!

So I thought that I would start back talking about an event I went to nearly a month ago now!! On Saturday 30th April, I dragged two of my besties with me to BE:fit fitness festival in London. It is a relatively new event, only in its 3rd year, but the line up this year was incredible.

We went on the Saturday, and I booked us into a class and talk. The class was one from the Core Collective, their Velocity class, taken by Paddy Coleman. Now I have to admit Emma and I we go to this style of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) class 2/3 times a week, so I was secretly confident I would basically be a pro! But boy oh boy was I wrong! I don’t think I have been such a sweaty mess after a class in a little while. It was 45 minutes of 3 HIIT circuits. Each circuit focused on either abs, legs or upper body, while also throwing in lots of plyometric full body moves to raise the heart rate. We then finished the class with some crazy intense On The Minute Every Minute (OTMEM) training. Now I hadn’t done this sort of training in a while, but it reminded me how awesome it is just to really push you in your last section. The class was amazing and definitely gave me some inspiration for my own training (which I will start showing you guys soon!)

Later on while still recovering we ventured into a talk by Zanna Van Dijk. Now the Girl Gains and Zanna are one of the main motivations for me trying to lead a balanced lifestyle. Having followed Zanna from her black bikini instagram days, it is fair to say I was massively fan girling!! Her talk was really great, talking about ‘How to make it as a Blogger’. She was incredibly down to earth and reiterated how it is through hard work, perseverance and dedication that you begin to make an impact. This message is really important to remember because we all so often view different blogs, instagram pages, YouTube channels and see an established set up, which leads us to believe that this is easy to achieve! Zanna was kind enough to stick around and talk after her talk and I was fortunate to meet her and have a little chat, which has basically made my year!!!

In between these events, we explored the shopping village made up so many health and wellbeing, nutrition and fitness apparel stands. It was amazing to see so many up and coming brands next to larger more well known ones. The stands gave us the opportunity to try loads of different samples and talk to the brands themselves, finding out more about them and getting to know them! As I don’t live in London, it was great to meet new brands and try out lots of new products. Below are some of my favourites that I discovered:

Heck – Sausages and burgers. These are literally amazing, I brought loads as you can see and so far my favourite are the Zesty Chicken. Yes these guys have converted me to chicken sausages!! What makes this even better is I have just found these in my local supermarket so they are definitely a firm favourite to be kept in the freezer!


Motion – Now I had already heard of these guys and take their pre-workout blend. What I love about this brand is that all the ingredients are natural. It is such a personal choice but I really do believe that it is important if you are going to take any supplements to get them a close to a natural form, for your body. At BE:fit I got Motions Post-Workout blend as well. I have been taking it after most intense workouts and I have to say my body loves it, so definitely a great buy!

post workout

Rebel Kitchen – oh my days, if you ever see this stuff for sale in a shop, don’t even hesitate, grab about 10 cartons and go to the till and pay instantly and then thank me later! Their Chocolate Mylk is amazing and it is super good for you as it is made from Coconut milk and Cacao!


Nosh Super Breakie – Now I love a breakfast smoothie and I have my own that I am obsessed with at the moment, but this stuff is amazing. Super nutritious and full of only natural ingredients and sugars, it is perfect for when you need to grab breakfast on the go! I definitely recommend these and they saved my hungry (verging on hangry!) self several times. IMG_8558

Hope you have enjoyed, lots of flexinnn love

Bex xxx

One thought on “BE:fit 2016

  1. Ems says:

    Amazing stuff Bex! It might have been a tough class at BeFit but had nothing on our 7:30am session this morning!!! 😵😖 xoxo


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