2017…lets smash those goals!

Hi guys, 

So I know that the New Year began over 10 days ago, but I thought I would share with you my thoughts on resolutions and goal setting for 2017. 


For the first time in 3 years my January was exam free. Yes I am still at university, but due to my course structure I don’t have any exams until May time, leaving me with my first empty Christmas break in 3 years!! Because of exams I have previously not really got on board with new years resolutions as getting to the end of exams was my goal for the year! I decided that with ‘flexwithbex’ this was the perfect opportunity to really take the whole new years resolution idea and commit, so with a pen in hand I sat and wrote a list…a long list it turned out, of goals, habits and lifestyle choices that I wanted to commit to. 

2017 for me has the potential to be the biggest year of my life so far. I am at university until I graduate in July, but after that I have no plans as of yet. So while contemplating this list, I have decided to take a different route with my resolutions and goals. 

                                                                   My mantra for 2017 is:

                           “striving for happiness right now rather than happily ever after”

 I have found it is so easy to get swept along seeking the ideal happily ever after that you forget the here and now, so I am reminding myself this year to appreciate the present just as much as being excited for the future. 

To keep me on track with this I have written out 12 envelopes, one for each month. In these I have set the goals and resolutions from the list I wrote for me to commit to for that month and hopefully for the rest of the year. 

This way resolutions that I know aren’t realistic to keep for a whole year, I have planned for times throughout the year when I know I will be able to commit to them. By writing them out I am accountable to them and any I don’t keep or achieve will move onto the next month. 

So here are January’s:

                 1) Practice yoga twice a week 

                           2) Read 2 books not to do with university. 

                                      3) Have half an hour wind down before bed with no phone or laptop. 

                                                4) Try one new recipe a week.
I will let you know how I get on and what February’s are in a couple of weeks. 

Lots of flexinnn love 
Bex xxx

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