February…1 down 11 to go!

Hi and welcome back,

I can’t believe that it is the 1st of February already!!! Where did January go! So as I stated in my previous blog post (here) throughout this year I am following a month by month list of goals and resolutions, rather than trying to manage them all in one go.

I am sharing each one with you trying to increase my accountability to them, but also to hopefully inspire you as well.

So lets start with how January went…

My goals were:

1) Practice yoga twice a week

This didn’t exactly happen, my schedule was manically changing during the first week back at university and I couldn’t find a routine for classes. I have decided to book into a workshop actually this weekend with the amazing @amytayloryoga, so hopefully I will learn lots of flows and routines meaning I will feel more confident in the next month practicing it at home rather than just relying on classes.


2) Read 2 books not to do with university.

Well I nearly managed this one and I read 1 and a half (plus I am writing this 2 days before the end of Jan so I might of managed 2 by then!!) I read a book I got for Christmas which has definitely been a firm favourite over instagram and social media: The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**k by Sarah Knight.


Now I am reading the The Tea Planters Wife by Dinah Jefferies. Two completely different books, but I have definitely enjoyed being able to switch off from uni and immerse myself in the books.


3) Have half an hour wind down before bed with no phone or laptop.

This one I tied in with number 2. I found when I was really into the book it was a lot easier to put the phone and iPad down, because I wanted to carry on reading. But as my friend told me the new season of the “Good Wife” was on Netflix, I found it harder to not watch that up until I fell asleep. I found though that when I was managing my sleep quality improved, so I am going to carry on with this.


4) Try one new recipe a week.

YESSSS I managed this one, they ranged from a new overnight oats receipe, to a beetroot cake to a main dish. I will be posting these up on the blog in the next week or so.


So now February is here, it is time to unveil the next set:

1)  Make homemade lunches at least 5 times a week

2)  Visit home at least twice within the month

3)  Increase weights or reps each week in the gym

4)  Practice yoga twice a week (carried over as I didn’t achieve this)


SO here goes…If anyone has any recommendations to help me achieve them please comment below.

Check out my instagram as well to keep up to date with me on a day to day basis!


Lots of flexinnn love

Bex xxx

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