Spring has sprung!  

Oh hi there March!!!
Sorry this post is late in posting but due to some technical miss communications this didn’t post when I had scheduled it for!

So here we are at the start of spring already, with daffodils in bloom and lambing season just around the corner. 

February for me has been a bit of a whirlwind. I was working each weekend away and the pressure at university has ramped up now. But I have also had the realisation that it is my final full term at university and I want to enjoy the whole experience and make lasting memories with my friends. 

My resolutions for February were:

1) Make homemade lunches at least 5 times a week 

Generally I managed this one. While I was working at the weekend I made myself packed lunches of wraps and salads. I then managed to find where the microwave was moved to on campus and so I started to take soups and other warm dishes with me.

2) Visit home at least twice within the month

This one I didn’t quite manage, but my parents came to visit for a few days and so I stayed with them in Honiton as just us and I managed to stay at home when I was working away. Spending time at home has made me realise how important time is, once its gone its gone! It’s so easy to get swept up with life a uni that I can forget about home, but this has made me realise how important my family is to me. 

3) Increase weights or reps each week in the gym

I have found myself a workout buddy!! Yay gym friends! So for us this resolution went well. Working out with a friend for me, gives me a lot more motivation and I am definitely feeling stronger at the moment. 

4) Practice yoga twice a week (carried over as I didn’t achieve this)

SO yet again, I haven’t managed this one! Making an executive decision here I think I need to leave this for a couple of months until I can find a class that works with my schedule. 
All in all February went well, but I know I can up my game for March, so here we go…
1) Well this one isn’t quite for March, but for lent I am giving up chocolate, sweets and crisps!

2) Dedicate one evening a week to just me, no social media or distractions!

3) Plan my workouts for the week in advance  

4) Remember ‘you do you’ 
Check out my instagram as well to keep up to date with me on a day to day basis! 

Lots of flexinnn love 
Bex xxx

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