HBC Summit 2017 Review

Heads up it’s a bit of a long one, but there was just so much to talk about so pleeeaaasssseee have a good read and enjoy xx Last Saturday I travelled up to London for the HBC Summit which was organised and hosted by Fab and her amazing team at The Hotxon Hotel in Shoreditch. … Continue reading HBC Summit 2017 Review

The Balance Series – Part 1 – What’s your Balance?

Welcome to the first part of the balance series where I am going to explore what factors/things/activities are important to me and how I achieve a balance.  Well let's start with dictionary definition: "A state where things are of equal weight or force" - (http://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/balance) If we imagine a scale there are two sides to … Continue reading The Balance Series – Part 1 – What’s your Balance?