The Balance Series

Hi everyone, this month I am going to start a little mini series of blog posts looking at the buzzword sweeping social media:

B A L A N C E.

This word is everywhere and everyone who is anyone  seems to be using it, but what does it actually mean.

Well let’s start with dictionary definition:

“A state where things are of equal weight or force” – (

To me that makes sense, as in everyday life we can fall over loosing our balance due to falling outside our centre force of gravity, or we can try to balance the books on the accounts. But how can we achieve an overall higher level of balance without having a quantitive measure of weight or force.

Over the next month, I will be exploring what balance means to me, how I prioritise and plan, juggling uni, blogging, a social life and other parts. As well as how I balance training at the gym, and also a guest post from a different perspective.

I hope you enjoy it


Lots of flexinnn love

Bex xxx

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