The Balance Series – Part 1 – What’s your Balance?

Welcome to the first part of the balance series where I am going to explore what factors/things/activities are important to me and how I achieve a balance. 
Well let’s start with dictionary definition:

“A state where things are of equal weight or force” – (

If we imagine a scale there are two sides to it and the aim is to achieve equal weight on both sides. Life however isn’t as straight forward as that and we have more than two factors that we are trying to equal at any one time. Through this post then, try to imagine the scales as being more like a spider with eight or more legs coming off of the axis, which are all trying to be balanced. 

The perfect balance is where all factors in life are equal on the scales, but to achieve this you need to know 2 things: 1) what the factors are that are important to you and 2) how important they are to you, and the relatively of them to each other.

First I am going to go through and write a list (I love lists so don’t judge!) of what is important to me. Now its important to remember that this is all about you . Don’t worry about what you think you should write down, but ‘you do you’, which is actually something I have been focusing on myself (read here)

So here is my list. 

Now I am being completely honest here and so yes there are things on my list which aren’t necessarily the best for a healthy lifestlye, but a healthy lifestyle isn’t necessarily a balanced one. If all you are focused on and all that’s important to you is health and fitness and taking the time to build the healthiest life then this will lead to your most balanced life in that way, but for me that’s not the case. I want to be able to go out and get drunk with friends and go to the cinema and eat my body weight in chocolate and sweets from time to time. I am only 22 and I am little human who wants to enjoy all of life, have fun and be the best version of me. 
All of these however aren’t all priorities. For me at the moment university work is number 1. So that I have an idea of where my head is at and how my time needs to proportioned I have ranked my list! 

Seeing it all written down on paper helps to refocus my perspective I find. For me I am very driven and when I can’t achieve everything that I set out to achieve I really struggle with accepting that. Seeing this list however has made me realise how actually trying to achieve all of this 24/7 isn’t actually possible for me at the moment, there just aren’t enough hours in the day. 
After I’ve finished my studies however this list will change and I can start to ramp up the weight of pursuing my career and my social life can come back into existence  

I just want to reiterate again, this is MY balance and I have written this as a guide to help you workout what YOUR balance is. For others fitness or blogging probably wont feature, but that’s ok because that is what is important to them. While some people may find that they want to become fitter and healthier and actually a few months from now if they were to re-write their list fitness would be further up. This is all good things as it means you are growing as a person and most importantly you can acknowledge this. 

I know this was rather random but I hope this helps you to start to find some direction on YOUR balance 

Lots of flexinnn love 
Bex xxx

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