NEWSFLASH…I’m now a GirlGains Ambassador!!!


I am so sorry that I have been absent for a while, but to be honest I have been feeling rather lost and disconnected from blogging. BUT today I am back and I have some exciting news to announce!

For the past few years I have looked to social media for inspiration through my health and fitness journey. Along the way I came across an online community GirlGains which was established and run by 3 amazing ladies, who are each fitness bloggers and social media influencers in their own right, Tally, Vic and Zanna.

If you don’t know about GirlGains, they met through social media who each had an interest and passion for health and fitness. As their friendship grew, they decided to set up #GirlGains to help other women connect and meet like-minded people. Just as social media has grown, so did the community and so it developed providing a reliable source of information and education around health and fitness, fighting the ‘fads’ that can influence so many. #GirlGains now provides an honest and insightful approach to wellness and encourages self-love and positivity in a world where judgement, negativity and comparison is everywhere.

#GirlGains has massively gained momentum and has grown with the help of now 25 GirlGains ambassadors located all across the UK and the globe!!

I am really excited to announce that I will be flying the GirlGains flag in Exeter as the ambassador for the area. I feel really very lucky to be able to be part of such an amazing community which is spreading such an important message and helping to connect like-minded people in the area.

If you are from the area or are just interested in GirlGains, then please make sure you follow GirlGains, me, flexwithbex and the Exeter specific page, GirlGainsExeter.

Lots of love



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