Choosing a new gym!

I have recently moved out of my university bubble and into the real world. One task that I actually found harder then I was expecting was finding a new gym. I was amazed to find (on a google search) that there were so many different gyms in my local area and so I set out on a hunt to find the right one for me!

I have now found one (I know you were panicking there) and I thought I would share my top 5 tips with you for finding a new gym…

  1. Set your budget

This is a must and the first thing you should do! There are generally 2 ways of paying for a membership, either in full on an annual rate or a monthly direct debit option. Work out how much you would be happy to spend on the gym each month and then stick to it.

2. Set your location

Try to find somewhere that is close to home or close where you work, because then you will be more inclined to go. If you have to drive or walk a long distance to get to the gym or it is out of your way, then you will be less motivated to get there and workout!

3. Know what facilities you want

Do you just want to use cardio machines? Do you want a multi-functional area? Do you want to do classes? Do you want to focus your training around weights machines? However you wish to train make sure that the gym offers the facilities that you want.

4. Get a trial pass

This one is a must. If you have followed 1-3 above you have probably found the right gym for you right now BUT you need to try it. Actually using the gym allows you to get a feel of the place, the atmosphere and the other members. You have to feel comfortable to go to the gym on your own and it also allows you to see how busy the gym would be at the times you would be going!

5. Understand the contract

Check your contract and know what you are signing up to! If it’s a 12 month Direct Debit, what’s the minimum number of payments you have to make? Is it a rolling contract? What’s the notice period? Take your time to go through the contract with the membership advisor and ask whatever questions you want about the membership, because at the end of the day it is you signed into the contract, not them!

I hope this helps! If you have anymore tips or questions, comment below please!

Lots of Love


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